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We are a polish distributor and a producer of OTC drugs, medical devices and food supplements.

Next to the core business activities for Trilac OTC and Ecomer OTC, Krotex Pharm operates in areas of production of food supplements and medical devices.
The company’s main area of interest is focused on the treatment of the 21st century deseases.

Over 20 years ago Krotex Pharm has introduced a probiotic drug, Trilac OTC. It uses synergy of three, unique, bacterial strains that has a beneficial effect on the human digestive tract. Even today Trilac OTC is on the list of probiotic best sellers in Poland.
Equally important is the immunological system and its support with natural active ingredients. A second firm’s flagship product, Ecomer OTC, contains alkilglycerols that strengthens immunity system and increases the body’s reaction to bacterial and viral infections.

Our success is built on offering products of the highest quality that meet the highest pharmaceutical and technological standards.
The effectiveness and quality of our products is proven by numerous medical studies. Krotex Pharm cooperates with professionals, mainly with authorities in pharmacology, medicine and dietetics.

Our portfolio includes innovative products with a wide spectrum of usage: from probiotics and vitamins, through products supporting individual body systems, ending on products supporting the immune system. To the most known brands belong: trilac, ecomer, helsi, aquamer and anticholesteran.
Our products have won many rewards and prizes. We are especially proud of the most recent- Grand Prix Farmacji 2018 for the product trilac20 and Grand Prix Farmacji 2019 for the product trilac OTC drug.

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