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We are a polish company with over 27 years of experience

Krotex Pharm was established in 1992 by Prof.Ph.D. Marcin Krotkiewski an outstanding endocrinologist specializing in internal diseases and rehabilitation. Prof. Krotkiewski introduced the terms: apple and pear shapes reflecting the obesity type, waist-hip ratio as well as jo-jo effect that are widely used in medicine vocabulary all over the world. He was an expert in many international medical journals and a member of the New York Academy of Science (1998). He was honored with the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland. He managed companies in Sweden and Poland, and introduced well-known OTC drugs: Trilac, Ecomer, Redusan.

Prof. Marcin Krotkiewski (in the middle) during a medical conference in the late 90’s.

Are you familiar with terms such as ‘pear’ and ‘apple’ depicting the type of obesity? It is prof. Marcin Krotkiewski introduced these terms to world medicine.

Later on, the pharmaceutical business was passed to his sister, Elżbieta Murawska, currently the CEO of the company. Mrs. Murawska is not only an entrepreneurial woman but most of all an outstanding illustrator and painter who was awarded numerously in Poland as well as abroad.

Elżbieta Murawska

For years, Marian and Elżbieta Murawscy have been working with Krotex Pharm, designing advertisements, packages, and press materials.

A painitng of Elżbieta Murawska Inny Kwiat, 2018

A painitng of Elżbieta Murawska Dawne miejsca, 2018

A painitng of Elżbieta Murawska Pojawienia zieleni, 2012

When Trilac OTC was introduced to the polish market there were only 5 others, now there are more than 200. However only a few of them, like ours, are registered as OTC drugs…and this is what gives us a competitive advantage.

Mrs. Murawska, a graduate of the Polish Academy of Arts in Warsaw, is an artist also in business and manages the company for many years. She is responsible for the iconic package of Trilac that contains three spots in colors: blue, green, and yellow. There are many competitors who tried to copy this product, but none of them succeeded so successfully.

The company’s headquarters is also an exhibition space for Elżbieta’s and Marian’s art. Our guests and business partners pay special attention to the unique atmosphere created by large-format pictures and fairy-tale illustrations… interwoven with diplomas, prizes, and awards for products.

– Our most recognizable products are Trilac OTC and Ecomer OTC- CEO explains.- When Trilac OTC was introduced to the polish market there were only 5 others, now there are more than 200, but only a few of them are registered as OTC drugs. Trilac OTC became an iconic product for the probiotic market as Coca Cola for the beverages market. – We have our mission because we believe that our products are beneficial for one’s health.

Krotex Pharm has employees all over the country. Company cooperates with doctors, specialists in the area of probiotics and constantly is searching for new formulations. Krotex Pharm is also active in the pro bono sector, whose beneficiaries are, among others, pupils from the Orphanage in Suwałki. Thanks to them, kids have at their disposal, among others bicycles and trampolines.

Charity work is also a family tradition. The great-grandfather of the CEO, prof. Ignacy Baranowski, was one of the donators and founders of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Henryk Sienkiewicz and Eliza Orzeszkowa, members of the Warsaw Scientific Society, of which he was one of the founders, used to visit his literary saloon at Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw. He donated large sums to charity and cultural projects. He donated a valuable collection of paintings to the National Museum, which included paintings of exceptional Polish painters such as S. Wyspiański, L. Wyczółkowski, J. Kossak, S. Witkiewicz and J. Chełmoński.

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