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Until today Krotex Pharm remains a family business.

For over 15 years Krotex Pharm is managed by Elżbieta Murawska, who is not only an entrepreneurial woman, but for most, and outstanding illustrator and painter who was awarded numerously for her artistic work in Poland as well as abroad.

In the photo, Maria Jaromska together with Eliza Trepczyńska – National Manager of Pharmacy Networks and Wholesale, at the 2019 Grand Prix Pharmacy award for Trilac lek OTC.

The grand daughter of Murawski family, Maria Jaromska

In 2018 Maria Jaromska joined the team of Krotex. Maria is a graduate of the International Faculty of Economics and Business at Maastricht University, as well as a graduate of Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Heritage at the Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University in Milan.

– My professional experience in banking sector and art market, as well as working and studying abroad allowed me to assess the pharmaceutical market from a global perspective. Taking care of physical and mental health knows no bounds. Therefore, it is my mission for the Polish company to participate in this significant health care project.

I would like to use the knowledge and skills acquired during my studies for the company’s growth and development, especially in the areas of marketing and innovation. Moreover, I would like to continue the artistic and charitable activities of the family – my dream is to establish a foundation supporting young people with artistic talents in order to provide material, care and educational support. We want to support young talents in developing their skills, thus supporting the development of Polish culture and art and its importance in the global market.

Grandson of the Murawski family, Maksymilian Jaromski

Recently, a second grandson Maksymilian Jaromski, has also joined the team. Maksymilian graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics with a specialization in foreign markets at the Kozminski University. He is currently completing his master’s degree in Finance and Accounting with a specialization in finance. During his Erasmus in Madrid he participated in the IMBA (International MBA) program where he acquired methods in management and marketing for pharmaceutical market. Maksymilian gained experience working for 4 years in the advertising agency Zero, as well as in the consulting company PKF Consult. Maksymilian is passionate about sports, motorization, new technologies and financial markets.

Maksymilian Jaromski

Qualified team

Krotex’s business success is based to a large extent on the knowledge and commitment of our employees. Many of which still remembers firm’s beginnings. The growth of the company is possible due to a synergistic cooperation of our core departments: sales, marketing and R&D.

– One of the strengths of Krotex Pharm is the dynamically operating sales and promotion departments. We work with the biggest pharmaceutical wholesalers in the country, thus the products distributed by Krotex are available in almost every pharmacy. – Elżbieta Murawska, The CEO of Krotex Pharm.

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